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Welcome to everything about Konapun. It is a Japanese minature cooking toy designed to imitate realistic cooking. Kawaii and oishi!


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1000+ notes?!?! Mamegoma/Konapun appreciation much? ^_^;

hello! i need to you answer this ASAP because i need it for my wednesday presentation..

so, i'm using konapun as my subject for final exam but it seems there's no wikipedia page for konapun...

would you please be kind and umm.. tell me everything you know about konapun? i know i'm being selfish but i'm desperate ;A;

thanks in advance and um, could you please tag me if you answer this question?
thank you in advance :D !!!

I haven’t been on Tumblr for a while…and I don’t know when you sent this message, so sorry if I’m really late in replying~ D:

All the basic info I know about Konapun is in my first post:

I don’t know a lot about Konapun asides from what I have found in blog posts relating to Konapun (you can find these on Google)

Good luck with your final exam, sorry if I’m not helpful enough~ :/

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Anyone want to be a member of fyeahkonapun~?

Members get the right to post anything related to Konapun (photos, videos, etc). I could also use some submissions as this Tumblr is probably going to be inactive if I keep running it myself~gomenasai~!

Never had to use the Member feature before so idk apparantly I have to send email invites for people to become members. Therefore, leave your email in my ask box and I’ll send an invite~?


I’m pretty damn sure this is not edible, but I bet that’s not going to stop people. It’s so adorable. YOU CAN MAKE RICE IN A TINY RICE COOKER. O_o Making this on a regular basis will probably give you carpal tunnel syndrome.

well, here’s my follow friday :3

 YAY! Thank you so much~!